Professional Fabric Pet Ordor Removal in Chattanooga, TN

We love our pets!  But sometimes accidents happen.  On rugs, carpet, furniture.  And even if it’s not an accident, animals shed and leave a natural odor in the areas they live.  Even if we don’t always notice, our guests will.

Choice carpet Care of Chattanooga can give your carpet, rug or furniture a fresh and clean smell, free of pet odor and dander.  We use a gentle yet effective process to make your carpets and furniture smell and look like new.  Our deep cleaning system pulls odor and stains effectively from the fabric, leaving only a fresh, clean look and feel.

Pet Dander Removal For Your Health

Not only will our deep cleaning remove stains and smells, it will pull out pet dander and other allergens that can cause a multitude of breathing and allergy problems for your family and your guests.  Breathe better and feel better with clean furniture your entire family, even your pets, will love!

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